Much Ado


This is the amazing project I have been working on with a group of 10 participants who live, work or study in the DTES. Please come out to support the show at The Waterfront Theatre on October 16th, or in Surrey on October 17th. More info below:

For Homelessness Action Week 2014, RainCity Housing has partnered with the City of Vancouver, the Community Arts Council of Vancouver and local artist, actress and director Luisa Jojic on an exciting theatre project to stimulate dialogue and new understandings around issues of homelessness.

Under Jojic’s direction and guidance, a diverse group of participants have developed an original script together, using Shakespearean text as a foundation for addressing issues related to home, community, identity and belonging.

We are very excited about the coming together of individuals – folks who are vulnerably housed, formerly homeless or homeless, and those with a higher income and have housing – in order to create, produce and act in ‘Much Ado about Something’! – See more at:

For tickets, you can visit Eventbrite. –